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Covid-19 Data Protection Statement

The health and safety of our patients, our people and our communities is our main priority and at this time it is anticipated that it will be necessary to prioritise resources to deal with Covid-19.

If you have made a subject access request (SAR) for your own information, you will undoubtedly experience delays in our response. That’s because we will be diverting resources to help with other challenges and ensuring the ongoing healthcare and treatment of our patients.

We assure you that all necessary steps will continue to be taken to maintain the security and confidentiality of our patient’s information and our focus will be to prioritise information flows, to ensure ongoing safe and effective care during these unprecedented times.

Useful contacts

Please find useful contacts at Fulwood Hall Hospital below:

Physiotherapy Appointments

01772 707421

Radiology Appointments

01772 707465

Hospital Director - Margaret-Ann Worrell

01772 707436

Inpatient Bookings / Admissions Department

01772 707432

01772 707433

01772 707412

NHS Outpatient Bookings

01772 707427

01772 707426

01772 707494

Private Outpatient Bookings

01772 707402

01772 707403

Private patient enquiries, pricing or to book an appointment: 

01772 707411

For all other enquires please contact our switchboard on 01772 704111.