Mr Matt Dawson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

We would like to welcome Mr Matt Dawson to Fulwood Hall Hospital. 

Mr Dawson is one of the leading authorities on osteotomy surgery in the UK and Europe.

Mr Dawson performs a wide range of knee procedures including arthroscopy, femoral and tibial osteotomy, total and partial knee replacement, articular cartilage surgery, single and multiple ligament reconstruction, patella realignment and stabilisation and a range of combined complex procedures for deformity and instability. Mr Dawson has developed one of the largest UK practices in osteotomy with over 500 cases to date.

Mr Dawson currently chairs the European Osteotomy committee of the ESSKA Organisation.

Mr Dawson believes in the principle of joint preservation in order to prolong knee activity and knee function to the highest level. His philosophy is to individually assess patients with the appreciation that alignment and stability of the knee are the bedrock to successful knee function and successful surgery.

For more information on Mr Dawson's practice, please take a look here at his profile.


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