Lithotripsy Shockwave Treatment

Under the management of the orthopaedic surgeons at Fulwood Hall Hospital, extracorporeal lithotripsy also know as Shockwave therapy, is provided for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as persistent tendinopathy, particularly chronic plantar fasciitis.

This 5-10 minute treatment provides impulses, accelerated by compressed air, to the tissue in the form of a shock wave which continues to spread inside the body. The treatment initiates an inflammation-like condition in the tissue, causing the body to respond by increasing blood circulation and metabolism in the impact area, accelerating the body’s own healing processes. The shockwaves also break down injured tissue and calcifications.

Key advantages of Shockwave Therapy:

  • Medication or cortisone injections are not required during application
  • Treatment stimulates and effectively supports body’s own self healing mechanisms
  • Often provides immediate pain relief and subsequent improved movement
  • Non surgical

Shockwave treatment is not suitable for patients:

  • That have received Cortisone injections within the last month before treatment
  • With haemorrhage tendencies and coagulation system disturbances
  • With heart conditions and blood circulation disturbances
  • With acute inflammation in the treatment area
  • With cancer
  • That are pregnant

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