Functional Restoration Programme for Chronic Back Pain

Functional Restoration Programme for Chronic Back Pain

Functional Restoration is a common form of treatment in the United States, Australia and more recently Europe and is a helpful, holistic approach to patients with persistent lower back problems (longer than three months) which have not been resolved through usual treatments.

Following initial assessment, the programme consists of weekly attendance to the physiotherapy department at Fulwood Hall Hospital. Each session lasts for 90 minutes and consists of education and exercise, in line with the three elements of the programme.


A programme to address patient’s specific needs is produced to include:

  • Physiotherapy Directed Exercise Classes
  • Goal Setting & Pacing
  • Anatomy
  • Postural Awareness
  • Healthy Eating & Sleeping
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Manual Handling


This element of treatment identifies potential barriers to recovery that have long been recognised as playing an important role in chronic back pain typically;

  • Heightened anxiety, increased body awareness, stress and depression
  • The fear of pain and subsequent avoidance, causing bad posture

By identifying these barriers early in a patient’s management, research has demonstrated improved restoration.

Pain Management

This element of the programme aims to give patient’s a better understanding of their pain and its relationship with other factors, such as depression, anxiety and exercise.

The patient is then helped to develop coping strategies with the support of medication and pain management specialists as appropriate.

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