Fulwood staff raise money for their colleague

The team at Fulwood Hall have recently pledge to raise as much money as they possibly can for one of their dear colleagues who has recently been diagnosed with a debilitating disease.

Peter Beeston-Taylor who is a Lead Radiographer and a highly regarded member of the team has worked at Fulwood Hall for 11 years.  Sadly, Peter (who still works full time) was recently diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) which is a progressive neurological disorder that affects both adult men and women. It is caused by degeneration or atrophy (shrinking) of nerve cells in several (or multiple) areas of the brain. The results are devastating effects on multiple body functions such as speech, movement, balance and blood pressure control.   By having a trike it would enable Peter to maintain his independence and freedom to enjoy the one thing he can still do. As this disease has progressed it has become clear his balance is now a safety factor for him whist traveling on the roads. The trike offers Peter a stable platform to participate in family walks as well cycle rides and independence. 

Cycling has been a big part of Peter’s life for a large number of years. However, because of MSA, and after recently falling and breaking his collar bone, it has become clear that Peter needs the stability of three wheels. Over the last few months the team at Fulwood have embarked on various ways to help Peter raise enough money (£7,000) to help him buy a recumbent trike which will enable him to ride while living with Multi System Atrophy.  This included a sponsored 5k run, a sponsored Quiz campaign, plus countless donations to his Just Giving page from work colleagues, friends and Consultants.

After only a few months and well ahead of schedule Peter has ordered and now taken delivery of his bike. ‘I am absolutely thrilled’ Peter told us. ‘Having this bike really will give me another lease of life!  I cannot wait to get back out on the roads to give it a proper road  test!  That said, as he sped around the car park at Fulwood Hall our hearts were in our mouths at the speed he can get up to.

Margaret-Ann, Hospital Director at Fulwood Hall commented,  ‘we are all absolutely thrilled for peter as we know how much this means to him.  He is such a highly valued and well respected member of the team, we are just pleased to have been able to help.’

Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates on all the events we will be holding to raise money – and if you have an idea for any fund raising events we can run – please do message us to let us know.

Peter means the world to us all and we really do want to do as much as we can. 

Donations can be made here.

Peter Beeston-Taylor Fulwood Hospital Staff

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